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Covenant University is the leading private institution in Nigeria committed to raising a new generation of leaders.The University's serene and green environment, state-of-the art facilities, virtual library and a crop of distinguished faculty provide necessary incentives for effective learning and
research.Accommodation is available for interested students at the ultramodern postgraduate halls of residence.

To be considered for admission into any of the postgraduate programmes, a candidate shall satisfy the general University requirements as well as any special requirements for admission into the programme of interest.

Applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates for admission into the Covenant University postgraduate programmes leading to the award of Masters and Ph.D degrees for the 2019/2020 academic session.
Covenant University List of Approved Postgraduate Courses 2019/2020
The postgraduate programmes available in our four Colleges are as follows:
Programme: Accounting
Degree in View: M.Sc
Areas of Specialization
1. Public Sector Accounting
2. Environmental Accounting
3. Management Accounting
4. Oil and Gas Accounting
5. Taxation
6. Financial Reporting
7. Auditing
8. International Accounting
9. Management Information Systems
10. Corporate Governance
Specific Requirements:
Degree(s) in Accounting; possession of final professional certificates (ICAN, ACCA, CPA,etc.) is considered an added advantage.

Programme: Finance
Degree in View: M.Sc, M.Sc/ACIB (Weekend), M.Phil, Ph.D
Areas of Specialization: Ph.D
1. International Finance
2. Corporate Finance
3. Financial Development
4. Banking Operations
5. Public Sector Finance
Candidates with degree(s) in Economics, Accounting, or Business Administration may be

Programme: Business Administration
Degree in View: MBA, M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D
Areas of Specialization:
1. Operations Management
2. International Management
3. International Business
4. Organizational Politics/Corporate Governance
5. Management
6. Organizational Behavior
7. Strategic Management
Programme: Industrial Relations & Human Resource Management
Degree inView:M.Sc, MBA, M.Phil, Ph.D
Areas of Specialization:
1. Marketing Information Systems/Research
2. Consumer Behavior
3. International Marketing
4. Logistics/Distribution Management
5. Digital/Contemporary Marketing
6. Political Marketing
7. Product/Brand Management
8. Service Marketing
Programme: Marketing
Degree in View: M.Sc, MBA, M.Phil, Ph.D
Areas of Specialization:
1. Strategic HRM
2. International HRM
3. Recruitment/Selection
4. Conflict Management
5. Compensation Management
6. Performance Management
7. Human Resource Development
8. Employee Relations
9. E-HRM
10. Human Resource Information System
Candidates with degree(s) in other business related disciplines such as Accounting, Finance
and Actuarial Science may be considered.

Programme: Economics
Degree inView:  M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D
Areas of Specialization
1. Development Economics
2. Dynamic Macroeconomics
3. Environmental Economics
4. Health and Labour Economics
5. Institutional Economics
6. International Economics
7. Land and Agricultural Economics
8. Microeconomics and Informal Sector Economy
9. Monetary and Financial Economics
10. Resource and Energy Economics
Programme: Demography and Social Statistics
Degree in View: M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D
Areas of Specialization
1. Demographic Analysis
2. Social Statistics
3. Population and Development
4. Family Planning and Reproductive Health
5. Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health
6. Men's Reproductive Health
7. Gender and Sexual Health
8. Fertility and Mortality Studies
9. Ageing
10. Social Marketing and Development
11. Migration and Internally Displayed Persons
12. Epidemiology of Communicable and NonCommunicable Diseases
13. Programmes Monitoring and Evaluation

Programme: Mass Communication
Degree in View: M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D
Areas of Specialization: M.Sc
1. Advertising and Marketing Communication
2. Broadcast (Radio,Television and Film)
3. Print/Online Journalism (Newspaper and Magazine)
4. Public Relations/Public Affairs
Areas of Specialization: M.Phil, Ph.D
1. Journalism
2. Media, Communication and Cultural Studies

Programme: Sociology
Degree in View: M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D
Areas of Specialization
1. Gender and Development Studies
2. Population Studies
3. Family and Reproductive Health
4. Industrial Sociology
5. Political Sociology
6. Rural Sociology
7. Cultural Studies
8. Medical Sociology
9. Sociology of Development
10. Sociology of Entrepreneurship
11. Political Sociology
12. Gerontology
13. Urban Sociology
14. Criminology and Security Studies
15. Sociology of Education
16. Sociology and Media Studies
17. Military Sociology
18. Social Problems

Programme: Counselling
Degree in View: M.A, Ph.D
Areas of Specialization
1. Career Counselling
2. Family and Marital Counselling
3. School Counselling
Programme: Psychology
Degree in View:M.Sc, Ph.D
Areas of Specialization
1. Counselling Psychology
2. Clinical Psychology
3. Organizational Psychology

Programme: International Relations
Degree in View:M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D
Programme:Political Science
Degree in View: M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D
Programme: Policy & Strategic Studies
Degree in View: M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D
Programme: Public Administration
Degree in View: M.Sc, MPA, M.Phil, Ph.D, MPA:
Areas of Specialization
1. Public Policy and Administration
2. Personnel Management

Programme: English
Degree in View: M.A, Ph.D
Areas of Specialization
1. Language
2. Literature


Degree in View: M.Sc

Degree in View: M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D
Areas of Specialization
1. Enzymology
2. Food and Nutritional Biochemistry
3. Pharmacology and Medicinal Plant Research
4. Industrial Biochemistry
5. Clinical Biochemistry
6. Environmental and Toxicological
7. Molecular Oncology and Cancer Research
8. Molecular Biology

Programme: Biology (Applied Biology & Biotechnology)
Degree in View: M.Sc., MPhil., Ph.D.
Areas of Specialization:
1. Biotechnology and Bioinformatics (M.Sc Only)
2. Plant Molecular Biology and Genetics
3. Plant Physiology and Biotechnology
4. P l a n t G e n e t i c D i v e r s i t y a n d Conservation
5. M o l e c u l a r S y s t e m a t i c s a n d Cytogenetics
6. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Biology
7. Fisheries and Hydrobiology
8. Conservation Biology and Spatial Ecology
Programme: Microbiology
Degree in View: M.Sc., MPhil., Ph.D.
Areas of Specialization
1. Environmental Microbiology and
2. Food Microbiology and Biotechnology
3. I n d u s t r i a l M i c r o b i o l o g y a n d Biotechnology
4. Medical Microbiology/ Medical Parasitology
5. Virology
6. Immunology

Degree in View: M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D
Areas of Specialization
1. Construction Management
2. Building Services
3. Maintenance Management
4. Facility Management
5. Building structure

Programme: Industrial Chemistry
Degree inView: M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D

Programme: Computer Science
Degree in View: M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D
Areas of Specialization
1. Software Engineering
2. Artificial Intelligence
3. Bioinformatics
4. Mobile Computing
5. Data Mining
6. Cybercrime Security/Digital Forensic
7. Machine Learning
8. Networking
Programme: Management Information System (MIS)
Degree in View: M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D
Areas of Specialization
1. Software Engineering
2. Artificial Intelligence
3. Information System
4. E-Commerce Research
5. Mobile Computing
6. Cybercrime Security/Digital Forensic
7. Big data Analytics
8. Health Informatics
9. Data Communication
10. Data Communication/Network

Programme: Estate Management
Degree in View: M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D

Programme: Industrial Mathematics
Degree in View: M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D
Areas of Specialization
1. Numerical Methods/Analysis
2. Optimization
3. Differential equations
4. Financial
5. Functional Analysis
6. Operations Research
7. Mathematical Statistics
8. Fluid Mechanics

Programme: Industrial Physics
Degree in View: M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D
Areas of Specialization
1. Atmospheric & Communication Physics
2. Renewable Energy and Material Physics
3. Radiation and Health Physics
4. Applied Geophysics

Programme: Chemical Engineering
Degree in View: M.Eng, M.Phil, Ph.D
Areas of Specialization
1. Energy and Renewable Energy
2. Catalysis and Chemical Reaction
3. C h e m i c a l E n g i n e e r i n g Thermodynamics
4. Transport and Separation Process
Programme: Civil Engineering
Degree in View: M.Eng, M.Phil, Ph.D
Areas of Specialization:
1. W a t e r R e s o u r c e s a n d Environmental Engineering
2. S t r u c t u r a l a n d M a t e r i a l s Engineering
3. Geo-Technical Engineering
4. Highway and Transportation Engineering
Programme:Computer Engineering
Degree in View: M.Eng, M.Phil, Ph.D
Area of Specialization
1. Cyber Security
2. Biometrics
3. Machine Intelligence
Programme: Electrical & ElectronicsEngineering
Degree in View: M.Eng, M.Phil, Ph.D
Areas of Specialization
1. Power & Machines
2. Renewable Energy
P r o g r a m m e : I n fo r m a t i o n & Communication Engineering
Degree in View: M.Eng, M.Phil, Ph.D
Areas of Specialization 
1. Satellite Communication
2. Wireless Communications
3. IOT & Embedded Systems
4. Cyber Security
Programme:Mechanical Engineering
Degree in View:M.Eng, M.Phil, Ph.D
Areas of Specialization
1. Machine Design and Production Technology
2. Thermo fluid/ Energy System
3. Materials/ Metallurgical Engineering
4. Industrial and Manufacturing
Engineering 5. Mechatronics Engineering

Programme:Petroleum Engineering
Degree in View: M.Eng, M.Phil, Ph.D
Areas of Specialization: M.Eng
1. Reservoir Engineering
2. Petroleum Production Engineering
3. Petroleum Economics
4. Drilling Engineering
Areas of Specialization: Ph.D
1. Reservoir Engineering
2. Petroleum Production Engineering
• General Requirements:
Interested candidates shall complete the application form on the University portal and provide all relevant documents as specified on the application form, including certificates of degrees and/or diplomas, academic transcripts, reference letters, and a 500-word statement of intent in the proposed research area. Candidates who are Nigerian citizens shall, in addition, provide the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) discharge, exemption or exclusion certificate. Each candidate shall request and ensure that the institution(s) attended process and forward official academic transcript(s) directly to the Dean, School of Postgraduate Studies. Only candidates whose transcripts have been received will be considered for admission. The completed form and all documents should be submitted latest by May 30, 2019.

• Masters Degree Programme:
Candidates seeking admission to the Masters degree Programme of Covenant University must possess a Bachelor’s degree from Covenant University or any other University recognized by the Senate of Covenant University, with a minimum of Second Class (Lower Division) in the relevant discipline. Candidates with Third Class Bachelor’s degree or HND (Upper Credit) who in addition, possess a Postgraduate diploma (PGD) with a minimum CGPA of 3.50 on a 5.00 scale in a relevant discipline may be considered. Minimum duration of study for the award of the Masters degree is two academic sessions for full-time.

• Ph.D Degree Programme:
Candidates seeking admission to the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) degree Programme of Covenant University must possess the Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees of Covenant University or any other University recognized by the Senate of Covenant University in the relevant discipline.To qualify for direct entry into the Ph.D degree programme, a candidate must have a minimum CGPA of 4.00 on a 5.00 scale or equivalent ( 6 0 % ) in the Masters(M.A/M.Sc/M.Eng/M.Tech) degree result.
Candidates who graduated with CGPA of 3.50–3.99 on a 5.00 point scale or equivalent (55–59%) in the Master’s degree may be considered for M.Phil/Ph.D programme. Covenant University shall award M.Phil degree to M.Phil/Ph.D candidate who fails to meet up with a minimum CGPA of 4.00 upon the completion of coursework examination. Such candidate shall proceed to write a long essay/project and upon successful defence of the project would be awarded an M.Phil degree in the respective discipline. The M.Phil/Ph.D programme is intended to prepare candidates for the Ph.D degree. Candidates with professional Master’s degrees are not eligible for the Ph.D programme except they obtained M.Sc degrees in the relevant fields. The minimum duration of study for the award of Ph.D degree is three academic sessions for full-time mode.
• Master of Business Administration (MBA)
The Covenant Business School (CBS) offers Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree Programme with options in: Accounting, Business Administration, Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurship and Real Estate. Candidates seeking admission to the MBA degree Programme must possess a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline with at least a second class lower division from Covenant University or any other university recognized by the Senate.
Candidates with Third Class Bachelor’s degree, HND (minimum of Lower Credit) in a relevant discipline or professional qualifications such as ACA, ICAN, ACIB, etc. must have, in addition, a Postgraduate diploma (PGD) with a minimum CGPA of 3.50 to qualify for admission. The duration of study for the award of the MBA degree is two academic sessions (Full-time). “Applicants are to note that all postgraduate programmes in Covenant University are on full time basis except the M.Sc/ACIB programme which operates on part time.”

Additional opportunities for Masters/Ph.D degree students include the following:
  • Industrial/professional experience via our internship programme.
  • Certificate/Diploma programme in Leadership.
Screening and Selection Criteria
All applicants shall undergo a screening exercise, involving written and oral tests in the desired programme. A minimum score of 50% in each of the categories is required fora candidate to be considered eligible for admission. Candidate’s academic transcript(s) must be received before the final admission could be processed.
Screening Dates
Prospective candidates should take note of the screening dates for the conduct of the Computer Based Test (CBT) as listed below:
  • Thursday, May 30, 2019.
  • Thursday, June 27, 2019.
  • Thursday, August 15, 2019.
  • Thursday, August 29, 2019.
International Candidates
International candidates who may be applying for any of the programme would have their screening examinations conducted on-line. Such candidates are expected to forward their intention (interest) by email to the Dean, School of Postgraduate Studies on this link: to include their Skype ID phone number and time/date of choice.
Log on to (the Covenant University School of Postgraduate Studies Website).
Locate the 2019/2020 postgraduate admissions link, where you would be required to follow the steps outlined below:
  • Create a personal account for your Admission process (Note: Do not use the password to your private email)
  • After a successful creation of the account, login to the account and complete the online form.
  • The payment page is displayed by clicking on the submit button after you have successfully completed the online form.
  • The cost of the application form is N15,000.00 (Fifteen Thousand Naira) only. Additional transaction charge of N600.00 and N900.00 for bank or online payment respectively.
  • Payment can either be made at these banks (Covenant University Microfinance Bank, Ecobank and GTBank).
  • After successful fee payment, you are expected to upload your passport, after which your application number is displayed (please copy it).
International students are to make application payment into this domiciliary dollar account with the prevailing dollar rate
Account Number: 0132012749
Beneficiary Address:  Canaanland, Km 10, Idiroko Road, Ota, Ogun State.
Bank Name: Guaranty Trust Bank Plc
Bank  Address: 63, Abeokuta Express Road, Sango Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria
Swift code: GTBINGLA

LASU Batch G Postgraduate Admission List for the 2018/2019 academic session has been released. Candidates who applied for admission into the postgraduate Programme of the Lagos State University (LASU) for the 2018/2019 Academic Session can proceed to check if they have been offered admission.

The names of admitted candidates have been published online as shown below;

To access the list of admitted candidates, check the attached pdf document below. You can view this directly or download on any pdf enabled device to view

Congratulations to the admitted students!


The Nigerian Agip Oil Company Limited (NAOC) Joint Venture in pursuance of its Corporate Social Responsibility invites suitably qualified applicants for its 2018/2019 Session Tertiary Scholarship Scheme.

In pursuance of this, NAE Limited invites applications from suitably qualified and interested Nigerian graduates for the 2018/2019 Post Graduate Scholarship Award Scheme. The award is in two categories: –

1. Overseas – For study in a reputable overseas university
2. Local – For study in a recognized Nigerian university

Application Deadline: 8th June 2018

The Computer Based Test for shortlisted candidates shall be conducted on 23rd June, 2018.

Eligible Countries: Nigeria

Type: Postgraduate

To Be Taken At:  Nigerian & Overseas Tertiary Institutions

Value Of Scholarships: The NAE scholarship award applies to tuition, books, field trips, accommodation, living expenses and a return economy ticket for selected one-year course of study.

Eligible Field Of Study:

• Geosciences
• Engineering (Petroleum, Mechanical, Civil, Subsea, Electrical/Electronics, Marine, Chemical)
• Petroleum Economics
• Law (Oil and Gas/Petroleum)

To qualify for 2018/2019 NAE Post Graduate Scholarship Award scheme, applicants MUST:

1. Possess a minimum of Second Class Upper division in any of the relevant disciplines from a recognized Nigerian university.
2. Have secured admission into a Nigerian or Overseas university for a one year Master’s Degree programme in any of the disciplines listed below.
3. Not be above 28 years of age by December 31st, 2018.
4. Have completed the one year National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) programme.

Application Process:

1. Before you start this application, ensure you have clearly scanned copies of the following documents

  • Passport photograph (450 × 450 pixel) with white background not more than 3 months old
  • Provisional admission letter for post graduate studies 2018/2019 session into any reputable university – Local/Overseas. This admission letter must be for the course stated on the candidate’s application.
  • First Degree Certificate NYSC Discharge Certificate
  • Valid ID card (Driver's license, Voter's card, National Identity card)
  • Valid International Passport Data Page for Overseas category only (Valid for travel at least one year from September 2018)
  • Birth Certificate from Local government
  • Current Curriculum Vitae
  • NAE Compliance Declaration Form
    • 2. All candidates are required to fill and sign the NAE compliance declaration form.
      To download the NAE compliance declaration, click
      3. Label the scanned documents accordingly, to avoid mix up during upload.
      4. Attach the right documents in the appropriate upload section.

      Click Here To Begin Application

      Nigeria LNG Limited (NLNG) is offering the NLNG Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme to Nigerians who wants to pursue a Masters degree program in the following UK Universities:

      1. University of Aberdeen
      2. University of Cranfield
      3. University of Leeds
      4. University of Strathclyde
      5. University of Liverpool.

      Application Deadline: 18th May 2018

      Eligible Countries: Nigeria

      Type: Postgraduate


      1. Applicants must be Nigerians
      2. Applicants must have completed their bachelors degree program in any recognized Institution with a minimum of 2nd Class Upper degree in a relevant field of study
      3. Applicants must have a provisional admission from select UK institutions to study any of the following disciplines: Engineering, Geosciences, Environmental Sciences, Management Sciences, Information Technology, Law, Medicine
      4. Applicants should not be than 30 years of age
      5. Applicants must have completed their NYSC program.
      6. Applicants should be able to obtain a tier-4 visa upon being successful.
      7. Applicants must possess an international passport valid for travel at least one year from September 2018.

      Application Process: Click Here To Begin Application

      Visit The Official Website For More Information

      The Federal Ministry of Education invites applications from Nigerians for the Bilateral Education Agreement (BEA) Scholarship Award for Undergraduate, Masters and PhD students to study Overseas.

      This scholarship program will be taken at the following countries:

      -Russia, China, Morocco, Turkey, Algeria, Romania, Serbia, Japan, Ukraine, Cuba, Greece, Czech Republic, Syria, Macedonia, Mexico, Egypt, Tunisia etc.

      The participating countries are responsible for the tuition and accommodation fees, while Nigeria government takes care of supplement, warm clothing, health insurance, research grant where applicable and take off.

      The following courses are available for this scholarship program:

      - Undergraduate level – Engineering, Geology, Agriculture, Sciences, Mathematics, Languages, Environmental Sciences, Sports, Law, Social Sciences, Biotechnology, Architecture, Medicine (very limited).

      - Postgraduate level (Masters Degree and Ph.D) in all fields.

      Application Deadline:

      The BEA interviews are between Monday 19th February – Thursday 22nd February 2018 across the six geopolitical zones. Candidates are advised to apply online before these dates.

      Offered annually? Yes

      Eligible Countries: Nigeria


      For Undergraduates:

      i. Applicants must be Nigerians
      ii. Applicants must possess a minimum qualification of Five (5) Distinctions (As & Bs) in the Senior Secoundary School Certificate, WAEC (May/June) only in the subjects relevant to their fields of study including English Language and Mathematics.
      iii. Applicants Certificates should not be more than Two (2) years old (2015 and 2016).
      iv. Applicants age limit is from 18 to 20 years.

      For Postgraduates:

      i. Applicants must be Nigerians.
      ii. Applicants must have completed their bachelors degree program with at least a 2nd Class Upper Division.
      iii. Applicants must have completed N.Y.S.C.
      iv. Applicants age limit is 35 years for Masters and 40 years for Ph.D.

      Application Process:

      Interested applicants are advised to visit the Federal Ministry of Education portal to apply.

      All applicants for Hungarian Scholarship must visit the website: before 15th February, 2018.

      All eligible applicants are to report for interview at the venues scheduled for their respective Zones of origin for proper identification. Two sets of the Printed Completed application forms are usually submitted at the various interview centres with the following attachments:

      - Two sets of Photocopies of Educational Certificates and Testimonials of previous schools attended with the originals for sighting;

      - One certificate is accepted i.e WAEC of May/June only; • Statement of results must be confirmed by WAEC and forwarded to the Director/Secretary, Federal Scholarship Board, Abuja;

      - Two copies of Birth certificate

      - State of Origin/LGA certificate duly signed, stamped and dated;

      - Four (4) passport sized coloured photographs on white background;

      - Academic transcripts and NYSC certificates will be required from applicants for Postgraduate Studies.

      The 2018/2019 Federal Government Scholarship BEA interview will hold on a yet to be announced date. Myschool will update the interview date when released

      Candidates nominated and finally selected by the awarding BEA countries will be required to submit the following to Federal Scholarship Board:

      - Photocopies of Authenticated academic certificates;

      - Data page of current International passport, and

      - Specified Medical Reports & Police clearance certificate.

      Interview Dates and Zones (Venues):

      North West: Location of interview is Federal Polytechnic, Kebbi

      i. Mon 19th Feb: Kano and Jigawa states
      ii. Tues 20th Feb: Kaduna and Katsina states
      iii. Wed 21st Feb: Sokoto and Zamfara states
      iv. Thurs 22nd Feb: Kebbi state

      North East: Location of interview is Govt Girls’ Sec Schl, Damaturu

      i. Mon 19th Feb: Taraba and Adamawa states
      ii. Tues 20th Feb: Bauchi and Gombe states
      iii. Wed 21st Feb: Borno state
      iv. Thurs 22nd Feb: Yobe state

      North Central: FGBC Apo, FCT

      i. Mon 19th Feb: Kogi an Kwara states
      ii. Tues 20th Feb: Benue and Plateau states
      iii. Wed 21st Feb: Nassarawa and Niger states
      iv. Thurs 22nd Feb: FCT

      South West: FSTC Yaba, Lagos

      i. Mon 19th Feb: Ondo and Osun states
      ii. Tues 20th Feb: Oyo and Ogun states
      iii. Wed 21st Feb: Ekiti state
      iv. Thurs 22nd Feb: Lagos

      South South: BDGS, Bayelsa, Yenogoa

      i. Mon 19th Feb: Cross River and River states
      ii. Tues 20th Feb: Akwaibom and Edo states
      iii. Wed 21st Feb: Delta state
      iv. Thurs 22nd Feb: Bayelsa state

      South East: FGGC Owerri, Imo state

      i. Mon 19th Feb: Abia and Enugu state
      ii. Tues 20th Feb: Anambra state
      iii. Wed 21st Feb: Ebonyi state
      iv. Thurs 22nd Feb: Imo state

      For More Information Visit The Official Website

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